Peacock Products: Fine Diabetic Bags.
The design you need. The look you love.
Completely sold out of all Mini bags and Genuine Leather Bags!
The Faux Leather Peacock Purse is the only style we have left.
When they're gone, Peacock Products is gone!!
Get this outstanding design, NOW, at $15.95!
Available in Off/White or Taupe!
The Ice Pack is the only "extra" freebie available, until they're gone!  Sorry.

Going out of business!

(Shipping cost may be more than your bag costs. 

I charge you exactly what USPS charges me and not a penny more. 

Shipping is based on weight and distance, the price of the item purchased plays no part in shipping cost.)

Just a few words from our loyal customers:

"Anita, I received my Mini bag about 3 weeks ago now and let me tell you it's ABSOLUTELY the best purse I have ever owned. You thought of everything that we need to have on hand every moment. I will be ordering the larger bag next month when funds are available. Also you should be receiving more orders from this area, I have given at least 15 people your web site. Thank you so much for coming up with this fantastic idea of a purse. God Bless and take care. Loving my bag,"

-Customer, Joanne V., MA

"Anita, ... Just want to let you know that I just LOVE my purse. I love the convenience of having all of my diabetic stuff together. I will be showing it to all of my diabetic friends and family. Hopefully I can get some orders for you that way. I just love this color.... Even my husband liked it and commented on the fact that I don't have to carry different pouches with my things. Have a great new year and I hope to do business with you again."

-Customer, Becky W., TX

"Just an FYI. I absolutely LOVE my Peacock purses. I first ordered the large one and then ordered one of the Minis. I wouldn't leave home without my Mini now! I could be a spokesperson/ sales person for these purses. Since I was at jury duty the past two weeks, I have given your website to two people! You've definitely simplified my life! Thank YOU!"

- Customer, Cheri R., IL


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Now a 'few' not-so-brief (sorry) words from me.
Hi! I'm Anita Peacock, the owner/manager/designer here at Peacock Products: Fine Diabetic Bags. It's a one-woman show here. So, when you call or email, I'm the person you'll get.
I am also a lifelong diabetic. My Peacock Products philosophy is simple. I want to offer gorgeous bags that let you take care of the total you, not just your diabetes.

In the past, we diabetics had to juggle multiple bags to take care of ourselves. There wasn't a bag out there that would let us live our lives with ease and convenience. I don't know about you; but, lugging around more than one bag makes very little sense to me. This having been said, I did just that multi-bag misery for years. Stuffing small bags into huge bags or toting a 'regular' bag on my shoulder and my meter bag on my wrist. The more bags you've got to keep up with, the more likely you'll leave something important behind.

Diabetes is a part of your life, not something separate that you can set on a proverbial shelf and choose to take care of when you like. It's Important that you make taking care of your diabetes an integral part of living your life. My bags make taking care of yourself (diabetes included) very easy. No more bag juggling, PLEASE!


So, why would you want my bags? Let me just tick through a few reasons.

As I said, I am a lifelong diabetic. LIFELONG DIABETIC. It doesn't matter if you have Type 1, Type 2 or gestational diabetes, I know what you need to tote to take care of yourself in most situations. I've been there.
My bags are laid out in the most convenient and intuitive way. They flow so that items used together are stored together. This 'intuitive flow' design grew out of the fact that I am legally-blind from diabetes. I need everything organized in this way. Layouts must make sense.

I discovered when I lost most of my vision that there were no meter bags or even regular so-called organizer bags whose layouts made sense at all. They were all just designed so that there were places to put things. No real thought behind the designs. No real-life usability. And that's what lead to my bag designs. I had a need that wasn't being met.

Of course, in the design process, I discovered that the more visually-friendly and intuitive I made the bag layout, the easier it was for me to live my life. And, the easier it would be for any diabetic, low vision or not, to live his or her life. No muss. No fuss. NO PROBLEM with Peacock Products diabetic bags.

Each bag has two easy-to-identify main compartments: a personal side and a diabetes side. Everything in the same bag; but, stored in two very different main sections, each with its own unique access. Flap-front personal side. Zip-around diabetes side.

My combination "one life" bags are efficient, streamlined and sensible. They let you live your life with much less bother. That's all well and good. And if ultimate convenience and function are all you're looking for, my bags do that better than any others.

But, my bags are more than an easy fix to a complex life. They are also unquestionably BEAUTIFUL accessories. (I don't call them "Fine Diabetic Bags" for nothing.) They are not glorified meter bags.
I want to look good. I'm sure you do, too. And that certainly holds true for the bag I tote. My bags go waaay beyond function. They are fashionable accessories.

Take a look at my bags and I'm sure you'll agree they're the best around and the perfect fit for you. Peacock Products are the ONLY bags I tote. Whichever style you choose, my bags let you seamlessly handle your life with unquestionable grace and impeccable style. No compromises.

Forget juggling bags. Forget other 'diabetes' bags. Remember, you want a 'mydiabeticbag' bag. That's the one for you. Dressed up or dressed down. Home, work, play, travel. It's your life; so, live it. Grab your Peacock Products bag and head out the door. We've got you covered.

One life. One bag. One Place.
 Peacock Products: Fine Diabetic Bags

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